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What is a Dandelion Life?


Most people think about wishes when they think about the dandelion. However, after careful examination, I have discovered that the dandelion is a pretty impressive flower and its symbolism surpasses just making a wish.

If you think about the nature of a dandelion, you will discover that it can be found anywhere which means that it blooms anywhere. Have you ever noticed a dandelion growing out of concrete? The dandelion is a pretty bad ass flower. In order to bloom out of concrete, you have to be incredibly resilient and strong.

The dandelion also symbolizes the life of an underdog. The dandelion is often overlooked and its significance is minimized. It does not get the same recognition as sunflowers or the same popularity as roses. After all, no one shows up on Valentine's day with a bouquet of a dozen dandelions. Its simply not common. The dandelion is often not even recognized as a flower. Some people consider it to be a weed and a threat to the aesthetics of their lawn. They pluck up the dandelion and try to get rid of it but despite their efforts, the dandelion always flourishes and finds places to continually bloom.

I consider myself to be a real life dandelion and I proudly root for other real life dandelions as well. I have definitely been the underdog in my lifetime but I am blooming in my own time despite unfavorable circumstances. It is easy to acknowledge the roses or people who are easily noticed in life but often times the underdog's potential is overlooked.

You might consider yourself to be an underdog or dandelion too. You might feel as if your circumstances have been unfavorable. You may feel like your environment has made it difficult for you to bloom. You may have had people to tell you that you were not worthy or did not measure up to others (true story: this happened to me). However, the opinion of others or the label that others have placed on the dandelion does not prevent it from blooming. It still blooms. It still shows up in the most unexpected places and guess what, you know a dandelion when you see it. So even though people do not acknowledge you or give your credit for your awesomeness, don't let their inability to see your worth prevent your from blooming.

The next time you're doubting yourself, feeling unworthy or thinking that you don't measure up because people have labeled you as the underdog, remember that small flower that is both the underdog and a BOSS. Remember the dandelion & what it means to live a dandelion life.

A Dandelion Life is:

  • Being Resilient

  • Being unique

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Being Strong

  • Showing up each day

  • Blooming anywhere

  • Acknowledging the dark days but reopening for the light

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