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Excited about Life

Are you excited about life?

Not just moments or major milestones in your life but life in general. Do you wake up each morning with enthusiasm for the next day to begin? Are you like me, and moan, roll your eyes, and then waste time scrolling before dragging yourself out of bed? The eye roll and the endless scrolling have become apart of my morning routine. However, in an effort to change certain parts of my life, I started to think about ways that I can get the most out of my day and get the most out of my life.

I started thinking about getting up earlier so that my day would not be rushed but would be more productive and intentional. Most days, I feel like life is speeding by and I’m desperately trying to play catch up.

While thinking of ways to get the most out of my life, this question popped in my mind, “Are you excited about life?”. This made me think about the moments when I’m really excited and how I behave. I started thinking about the times that I’m about to go on a really nice vacation or trip with my friends and I pack a month ahead of time and wake up super early on the day of the trip. I always wake up early for moments that I am truly excited about. So, why not wake up early every day. Why not treat each day like it is a new adventure, a new blessing, a new opportunity to live a great life.

Unfortunate things happen in life. That is a certainty of life. There will be down days as well as good days. It is up to us to be intentional about how we choose to live each day and how we choose to add happiness and excitement to our lives.

This weekend, I was excited about life. Did I do a lot? No. However, I did things that added value to my life. I went to dinner with my best friend, talked, made jokes, and laughed. I always enjoy nights with her. I also went to visit my sister. I laid on the floor and watched lifetime movies and provided interesting commentary about the characters in the movie. While, it was all so simple, it made my life exciting. I am making a promise to myself to live an exciting life on my own terms. While I might not be backpacking through another country or experiencing MAJOR milestones at this moment, my life is still worth getting excited about and yours is too. Get excited about everyday moments and tiny blessings in your life. Practice gratitude and daily reflection to help you appreciate the things in life that you have already accomplished and the things that make your life exciting.


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