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Struggle Brings Forth Praise

Whether you are a spiritually driven person or not, there is a message to be found in every struggle. As a spiritual person, the message I received was spiritually based.

Sometimes when we are faced with so many stressors in our lives, it takes the smallest trigger to send us spiraling. Its like the saying "The straw that broke the camel's back". It isn't the one straw alone that breaks you down but that one added pressure that brings you to your knees because you have reached your limit with inconveniences, disappointments and heartbreak.

This morning I had an encounter with what I thought was the final straw that would break me. I have encountered so many obstacles, rejections and disappointments in pursuit of my dream and this morning, the smallest trigger literally brought me to my knees. I cried out. I screamed. I yelled. I relentlessly stated that I just wanted to "throw in the towel" and "give up". My frustration and anger had bested me and I convinced my mind and heart that it was time to walk away from my dreams and aspirations that only seemed to bring about frustration and complication.

I sat down and had a lengthy period of self loathing where I was not the kindest to myself. I asked God to help me but I did not hear an immediate answer. I felt so defeated and in that moment of turmoil, I felt abandoned by God. I sat quietly, still stewing in what I thought was defeat. I started thinking about all of the things that this minor inconvenience would cause. It would interfere with my livelihood, it would interfere with my ability to continue my education, it would interfere with my employment, etc. The slippery slope of scenarios I created was endless. In my stillness, I tried one more time. An effortless attempt which I knew would be hopeless but I tried for the sake of trying...and God moved. God works in his own timing but nevertheless He works and when He works, he ensures that you are able to find meaning in the struggle. God also knows that I have a sense of humor and he sprinkled an added touch of that into this situation too.

Through my many trials, grief and pursuit of surviving in life, I forgot how to praise. I stopped praising and talking to my creator. This situation put me in a position where that is all I could do. I couldn't rely on my own knowledge or strength. I couldn't call a friend or my mom (which is usually my go to). All I could do was plea to God to help me. He did not answer immediately but He answered in a way that let me know that I will be okay and He has not forgotten me. The struggle I experienced this morning was an inconvenience and was overwhelming but I'm glad it happened. It reassured me that God has me. My struggle brought forth my praise.

Whether you are spiritual or not, I want you to take away this one thing. Life will bring storms. Life will throw curveballs that may almost knock you off of your feet but for every tough situation that life brings, there is a purpose. There is a built in message for you to receive. Life's hardest moments are meant to teach us something. If you find yourself in a storm or being hit by one of life's curveballs, strive hard to find meaning and purpose in the midst of the pain. When you do this, you will find that your struggle with bring forth praise.


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