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Unpacking Core Beliefs

Core beliefs are our thoughts that influence how we view the world. Everyone has core beliefs that they have developed based on their life experiences. Some of us have had pleasant experiences that have shaped our core beliefs. Others have had unpleasant or traumatic experiences that have shaped our core beliefs. Our core beliefs are like an internal luggage that we carry around with us. If our core beliefs are negative and defeating, our internal luggage can become a weight that holds us back from living the life that we want to live. Our core beliefs are sometimes hard to let go of even if they are harmful because they have been with us for so long. They are also difficult to let go because at one point in our life, those core beliefs may have served a purpose. However, as we move onto new experiences and new phases in our lives, we must adjust those core beliefs so that they are less defeating. Take a look at the video below to gain a better understanding of core beliefs.


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