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Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Sunday, I went to church and the topic was “Too often we perceive the promise, accept the assignment and overlook the obvious.”- Bishop Rosie O'neal This message on Sunday jumpstarted a week of positive thoughts, new intentions and daily reflection. It caused me to think about how I am showing up in life and how I am showing up in the life of others. It also prompted me to think about the many blessings in my life and how blessed I feel because of the people God has placed in my life that have poured positively into me.

Here are some of my midweek reflections: Today, I spent the day with my sister, mom and great nephew. I also worked. Those may seem like small things but they are really so many answered prayers reflected in one day. An answered prayer of healing, an answered prayer of flexibility, and an answered prayer of restoration. So many times, we are focused on the acquisition of material things, wealth, prestige, etc. While nothing is wrong with those things, we should also take notice of the subtle ways that God blesses us. I am not a person of great riches (one day I will be though) but I have an abundance of the things that matter most to me. I am surrounded by love. God has blessed me with forgiveness and open arms. He has provided me with restoration, peace and healing.

Monday, my friend popped by at 10:00 am at my door. She delivered breakfast and said, “I felt like you needed love today”. I really did need love that day and God sent her. I have so many great people who have chosen to love the quirky, awkward, introverted girl who sometimes is a challenge to love.

Monday, my fridge stopped working (allegedly) I’m still not sure…long story but my sister cleaned out her fridge and told me to bring over my food so it wouldn’t spoil.

Last week, I was really sick, and my best bud called me and checked on me daily and reminded me to take my vitamins. He also looks out for me, volunteers to cut my grass and truly “checks on his strong friend”.

I also have a dad who treats me like a celebrity every time he sees me by saying “Girl, you look good”. He greets me at my car and walks me to the car when I leave. I have a mom who is my best friend, my emergency contact, prayer warrior and life coach. My takeaway from the message on Sunday is that many of us will be called to do Amazing and even extraordinary things in life. We all have an assignment and purpose. However, we mustn’t forget the things that truly matter and that’s the people who surround us. Our family, our friends, loved ones, our circles. My grandmother is someone that I know understood that assignment. She poured into everyone around her and she was remembered not for accomplishments but how she loved people and poured into them. It is my hope that I am pouring positively into those around me. I am making an effort to not overlook the obvious. We are here to love each other and uplift each other. I’m grateful for a tribe of people who do just that. My midweek thought or “Wednesday word of wisdom” is to love on your people while you can. Be intentional about how or what you’re pouring into someone’s life. In a world that seems to be growing darker and darker, be the light for your people.


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